Eastern Europe Experts chose two articles and one book which are great examples of knowledge about how and why do business in an emerging market. We highly recommend those publications, they will give you a simple and practical answer supported by scientific facts.

Emerging and Frontier Markets

The book written by Marcus Goncalves and Jose Aloes is an excellent compilation of knowledge about the process of changing of the emerging and frontier markets. We highly recommend this publication to any person who would like a better understanding of how those markets operating in the global trade and how they affect each other.

The New Frontline for Global Trade

Find more about Prof. Goncalves:

Why Exporting to Poland

„Poland is currently the ninth most important market for the UK. With its investment worth more than $1 billion, in 2012 the UK was the third largest investor in Poland…”

Main UK exports to Poland include.

Polish business etiquette

„Since Poland joined the EU Single Market in 2004, it’s become easier to do business with Polish companies. However, if cultural differences aren’t taken into consideration, a lucrative deal can easily turn into a humiliating failure…”

 Four rules to remember

How did the consulting field change lately?

There is big difference between past and present methods. Consultants are using new tools, they have new ways of working, and the client-company relations have also evolved.

A new dimension of consulting

How did the consulting field change lately?

A new dimension of consulting

New European Union Council President

"The elevation of Donald Tusk to one of the top jobs in Europe marks a coming of age for his native Poland. Ten years after joining the EU, Poland has secured the presidency of the European council.." - The Guardian

NY Times

„And the notion of a prosperous West and a poor, struggling East has been largely erased in recent years, with countries like Spain and Italy struggling while Poland is the only European nation to experience economic growth in every quarter since the recession hit in 2008.”


„Donald Tusk relied on a mix of charm and pragmatism to rise to the top of Polish politics and stay in power longer than anyone since the Cold War.”

The Guardian

„Donald Tusk’s rise to European council president is a big moment for Poland. The Polish statesman has led his country as prime minister while – alone in the EU – it remained untouched by the recession. ”

Financial Times

„His seven years leading one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe have made him one of the continent’s most respected politicians, successful at home and abroad.”

Experience matters

No one can understand your idea better than an industry insider. Have you ever thought about investing in Polish market? Learn more about why it is good to make business in Eastern Europe from the experience of top executives, journalists and scientists.

Experience matters.

No one can understand your idea better than an industry insider.

Experience matters

What you should know about Poland

Learn more about how Poland has sustained economic growth. Its historical and geopolitical background, experience with foreign investments and evelution of the most successful businesses.

Country report: Poland

Poland withstood the recent global economic recession relatively well, thanks to its sound economic policies, healthy economic fundamentals and broad-based support for large and small enterprises.

Emerging market

Since Poland joined in 2004, the EU has done wonders for it and the rest of eastern Europe, ensuring democratic freedoms and administrative reforms and helping the region liberalize its markets.

Polish e-commerce market

The Polish e-commerce market has been growing at double-digit rate every year for the last 10 years and it is expected to increase at about 16% – 17% in 2014. Total revenue of the whole sector industry will reach between EUR 8 billion and EUR 9 billion.

Polish economy

The Polish economy will continue accelerating next year due to an improving situation in Europe.


Consumer finance in Poland

Growing trends of consumer finance is an important factor in Polish financial market. Learn more about the personal loan companies, industry structure and the economic background of the country.

Personal loans market

In the study below you can find an analysis of the loan companies operating in Poland.

Consumer credit providers in Europe

Eurofinas currently represents 17 member associations, in turn bringing together more than628 firms employing more than  93 000 people across Europe. Eurofinas market profiles provide an overview of local consumer credit market features, including a description of the economic context of the country in question, the local consumer credit market structure and the position of the member association’s members within the total local market.

Conference of Financial Companies in Poland

It is employers association which focuses on and represents the key companies from the finanacial market. It is also very active and substantive social side during the legislative process. Their mission is to establish a high standard of conduct in relations with customer and conterparties.

SWOT analysis – Eastern Europe

The SWOT analysis was made by virtual networking on LinkedIn groups discussion. The most frequent answers have been gathered together and published. For further details, please contact:

SWOT analysis – Eastern Europe

East Europe Consulting

Polish private equity market

Poland offers very good conditions for private equity investors. It not only has a large enough domestic market, with stable economic growth, but also mature capital market and modern banking sector.

Private equity in Poland: facts and oppinions

This report aims to provide a complete picture of the private equity market in Poland, with particular consideration for its importance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity

Recent European Bank for Reconstruction and Development supported publication stresses the track record and further potential of private equity in central and eastern Europe. Presents the investment case for the region. No other emerging market region has become so integrated so fast into the developed world.

Private equity market in Poland

Among the CEE countries Poland remains the prime pick for private equity firms with its large domestic market, low  risk and high returns. There is still much room for growth with private equity investment value coming to only 0.082% of the GDP (compared with 0.26% in the rest of Europe).



Romania business review

Romania is a country with the population of almost 22 million and the size of 238 391 km². It is located in south-east of Europe with a good connection to Turkey, the Balkans and Middle East. Romania’s natural resources are: oil, natural gas, coal, iron, copper and bauxite. The main industries are metal-working, petrochemicals and mechanical engineering. Since 2007 is a member of European Union.

Romanian business review.

The leading English-language website providing daily business news.

Romanian economy situation.

„Romanian growth momentum this year shows signs of spreading. Where last year’s GDP was driven mainly by exports—thanks, in part, to a bumper agricultural harvest—the latest figures show that the economy is now being driven by improving domestic demand.”

Stable outlook.

Romania’s credit rating outlook was raised to stable from negative by Moody’s Investors Service.

Romanian investment opportunities.

It has a competitive advantage over other CEE countries,


The business attractiveness of Eastern Europe

Poland has a very good condititon for the growth and acces to other eastern markets. Find out more about business attractiveness of eastern Europe.

How central eastern Europe is transforming from outsourcing to a real tech hub.

Świnoujście LNG Terminal will start to import liquefied natural gas next year. It is a crucial investment for Polish energy security and is estimated to meet one-third of natural gas demand in Poland. This terminal will allow us to import gas by sea from any direction in the world.

Poland has been one of the biggest success stories of all emerging markets; it has not seen recession since 1992.
Rigorous economic shock therapy in the early 1990s put Poland on the right track.


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